Urban Mobility in Phnom Penh: Discussion Panel

Urban Mobility Panel: Trends and Opportunities in re-enforcing access to urban mobility and transport in Phnom Penh.

Host: Mr. Natharoun NGO, Director, Center for Khmer Studies (CKS).

  • Mr Phanin, Lecturer, Norton University Dpt of Architecture and Urbanism-Phnom Penh City Hall Representative
  • Dr. Arnd N. Bätzner, Researcher and Expert.
  • Ms. Faela Sufa, Director, Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP), Jakarta
  • Dr. Phun Veng Kheang, Researcher, Research & Innovation Center, Institute of Technology of Cambodia

The panel will discuss early findings of CKS research on Transforming Urban Mobility in Phnom Penh. The panelists are invited to reflect and comment on urban mobility challenges by first looking at the key issues and drivers of trends that need to be up-scaled and accelerated to shape a more inclusive, safer and greener urban mobility and transport in Phnom Penh. How do we ensure that we leave no one behind on the road to the future of urban mobility? In order to increase better access to mobility and transport and thus better quality of life, cities, like Phnom Penh, are facing the dilemma of addressing short-term demand and needs with concrete actions while minimizing the risks of creating public transport networks that would need to be redesigned at later stage. What are the potential pathways to rethink and redesign the existing mobility systems for Phnom Penh?

UNDP UMF Concept, panels and Agenda


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