“The Production of Urban Spaces in Phnom Penh: Toward a Social Geography of Real Estate”

Dr. Gabriel Fauveaud

On 11th June, CKS had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Gabriel Fauveaud in Phnom Penh for a presentation which contributed to an ongoing urban lecture series. His public lecture entitled “The Production of Urban Spaces in Phnom Penh: Toward a Social Geography of Real Estate,” focused on examining the effects of urbanization in our nation’s capital. Dr. Fauveaud will also examine the sustainability of urban development, examining effects of the privatization of urban production, rapidly changing urban lifestyles within the city and socio-economic relations within real estate.

25 of the lecture’s participants were faculty and students from the Royal University of Fine Art’s (RUFA) School of Architecture and Design; 15 participants were foreigners employed in international organizations, NGOs and private companies. Both groups expressed satisfaction in attending the lecture. The audience engaged comprehensively with the subject matter and discussed issues and potential solutions.

Dr. Fauveaud is CKS Former Senior Fellow, Assistant Professor at the Université de Montréal and has worked extensively in Southeast Asia, particularly in Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam. This event was hosted in conjunction with the Royal University of Fine Art.

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