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Publishing in Cambodia

Authored, Revised and updated by​ Helen Jarvis, Christiane Lalonde, Peter Arfanis and Nhean Lakhena (English, Khmer, French)​

In May 2002, a team of Cambodian and international researchers began a comprehensive survey, through interviews with writers, publishers and printers in eleven selected provinces, to take stock of the state of the publishing sector in Cambodia as a whole, and to detail the areas of Writers and Writing, Book Production, Marketing and Distribution, and Readers and Reading. In February 2003, a workshop at the CKS’s Conference Hall gathered representatives from all sectors to finalize a set of recommendations. The project was conducted by the CKS and Reyum Institute and was funded by the Toyota Foundation.


Khmer US$ 10
English US$ 20
French US$ 20

The Mountain of Precious Stones – Ratanakiri, Cambodia Essays in Social Anthropology (English)

by Frédéric Bourdier

This work brings together scientific articles written by the author, including those published in international reviews or books, as well as unpublished documents, not all of which are easily accessible either in Cambodia or in western countries. The decision to publish them in one volume came about because of the lack of accessible material published about the cultural heritage of Cambodia’s indigenous populations. Based on participant observation collected between 1994 and 1996, the resulting description and analysis reflect part of what can be termed the “cultural memory” of the indigenous populations, specifically the Tampuan of Ratanakiri, a way of life which is now severely threatened. As with indigenous populations around the world, drastic changes have occurred quickly and the livelihood of the indigenous people depicted in this book belongs to the past. Therefore, this book documents a crucial part of their history and disappearing culture.

Wooden Architecture of Cambodia (English & Khmer)

Edited by François Tainturier

This work highlights the art and techniques of building in wood and examines the symbolic and social implications that relate to it. Since ancient times, building in wood has been a major trait of Cambodian culture. As such, traditional wooden architecture represents a significant part of Cambodia’s cultural heritage which deserves recognition and protection.

Price: US$ 17.00

A Selection of Sanskrit Inscriptions from Cambodia (English)

Edited by Kamaleswar Bhattacharya in Collaboration with Karl-Heinz Golzio

This little volume is a partial fulfillment of what is one of the most urgent tasks of the day: the improvement of the works of the great pioneers in the field, Auguste Barth, Abel Bergaigne, Louis Finot and George Coedès, not forgetting, of course, the Dutch scholar Hendrik Kern, the founder of the Sanskrit epigraphy of Cambodia. Admirable as they are upon the whole, these works indeed contain numerous reading and translation errors.
But why only Sanskrit? Isn’t there also Khmer?

First, by necessity. The saddest fact about Cambodian epigraphy is that, since the death of George Coedès in 1969, not a single scholar has turned up who can read both Sanskrit and Khmer. Sanskrit is also, in a way, more important than Khmer. Not only does Sanskrit appear in epigraphy two centuries before Khmer, but, for nearly a millennium (from the 5th to the 14th century A.D.), it remained the cultural language of the country, with all poetry and philosophy written in Sanskrit, while Khmer was reserved for practical matters. Wrongly regarded as purely historical documents, the Sanskrit inscriptions of Cambodia contain much more than history.

Price: US$ 10 (English)

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