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The Center for Khmer Studies is deeply committed to the development of the higher education sector in Cambodia and sees the publication and dissemination of academic and reference materials about Cambodia and Southeast Asia – and those in the Khmer language – as critical. Central to this is the strengthening of the publishing sector in Cambodia, which has been severely affected by 25 years of turmoil, stemming from the genocide, the neglect and destruction of libraries and flight of the educated classes.

Publishing in Cambodia is currently undergoing a renaissance, and CKS is proud to be contributing to the revitalization of this sector through activities that include: the training of young Cambodians in publishing and translation through applied learning, seminars and workshops and the publication of original research materials and monographs, and the translation into the Khmer language of research and academic materials.

CKS is engaged in training young Cambodian translators through its Translation Capacity Building Program and publishes selected academic and reference materials in the Khmer language, translated by our cohort of supervised and trained program participants. The CKS is also engaged in publishing new and relevant materials on Cambodia and Southeast Asia, such as: our annual peer reviewed journal highlighting new trends in Khmer Studies; publications that arise out of CKS research projects and selected conferences; and new research materials and monographs providing vital and updated research in the social sciences and humanities.

Our publications are available at both CKS offices and various bookshops in Cambodia, including Monument Books, International Book Center, Peace Book Center, Angkor Book Center and bookshops close to universities in Phnom Penh. 

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