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Navigating Urban Transformation

Navigating urban transformation: green and design perspectives from experts and practitioners

Managing rapid urbanization is not only one of the UN 2030 global goals, it is also a must for Cambodia whose cities are experiencing steep growth. As the World Bank estimates that 36% of the Cambodian population will live in cities by 2050, further economic growth will concentrate in urbanized areas, creating both opportunities and challenges.

The Centre for Khmer Studies (CKS), in partnership with Anvaya Association (Vannaka Chhem Kieth and Borin Pin), aim create a knowledge space where young Cambodians can mingle and exchange ideas and views with experts. We hope to invite a diversity of perspectives and “thought challengers”, on the ongoing urban evolution, and, to a broader extent, Cambodia current transformation.

The below event/panel is our first proposed 2019 event.

  • Grace SMITH – Advocate for cleaner Cambodian cities and co-founder of GoGreen Cambodia. Alongside growing urbanization, the Cambodian consumers’ habits are changing. Plastic consumption is on the rise. Grace will present various initiatives she is leading to reach this objective, involving all city dwellers. 
  • Antoine MEINNEL – A French-Cambodian architect, Antoine is the founder of Bloom Architecture. Driven by his international experience and his cultural roots, he wishes to develop a sustainable architecture for Cambodia with designs taking into account the Cambodian environment, the notion of preservation and the importance of public spaces.
  • Yvon CHALM – French architect working in Cambodia over the last decade. Yvon has worked on several iconic buildings throughout the country, including the Fish Market in Kampot and the Nokor Tep Women hospital. Recently, Yvon has been working on several projects in Sihanoukville. He will share unique perspectives on the coastal city’s rapid development and urbanization. 


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