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CAORC-NEH Research Fellowship – Now Accepting Applications

The CAORC – National Endowment for the Humanities Research Fellowship is now accepting applications! This fellowship provides the opportunity for scholars to spend significant time in one country with an Overseas Research Center (ORC) as a research base.

The fellowship supports advanced research in the humanities for US scholars who hold a PhD (and also foreign national scholars who have been resident in the US for at least three years). Approximately three awards will be granted and fellowship stipends are $5,000 per month for four to six consecutive months.

Fields of study include, but are not limited to, history, philosophy, religious studies, linguistics, languages, literature, literary criticism, and visual and performing arts. In addition, research that embraces a humanistic approach and methods will be considered.

Minority scholars and scholars from Minority-Serving Institutions are encouraged to apply.

Deadline: January 19, 2023
Apply here.

Read Fellowship Guideline here.
Questions: [email protected]


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