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Announcing the Cambodia Urban Database


As Cambodia’s urban areas rapidly grow and transform, high-quality research and data on urbanization are critical to support knowledge and policy. To provide a one-stop repository of resources on urban topics in Cambodia, the Center for Khmer Studies (CKS) recently released the Cambodia Urban Database. Our publicly accessible database compiles reports, journal articles, quantitative datasets, master plans, maps, images, and more.

Key objectives of the Cambodia Urban Database include to:

  • Aid research and learning among students, researchers, and others interested in the topic
  • Help illuminate the gaps in knowledge
  • Contribute to building a community of knowledge on Cambodian urban studies
Expanding Access to Knowledge on Urban Studies in Cambodia

“Data is everything for researchers. Unfortunately, researchers from developing countries like Cambodia are still challenged by the inaccessibility of data and resources, and poor quality of those data that are accessible,” says Dr. Yen Yat, a CKS research fellow who worked with CKS to create the database. He adds, “many young researchers and students do not know where to search for knowledge. This database is a great resource to help students and researchers while building the capacity of the urban studies field in Cambodia.”

With over 500 items uploaded (and counting!), visitors can search for and filter resources by data type and topic, and find links to additional databases to aid their research.

Another CKS research fellow, Dr. Thuon Try, shares, “In my research, I can use the Cambodia Urban Database to quickly see at a glance what knowledge has been published (or not) about a topic. For my students, they now have a starting place to look for resources, whereas before, many did not know what types of data were available or how to find them.”

CKS will continue updating the database with newly-released resources and scholars are invited to get in touch to contribute publications and datasets. CKS also plans to develop guides with research tips and additional resources to help students and young researchers build their research capacities.

CKS is grateful for funding from the Australian Government through The Asia Foundation’s Ponlok Chomnes Program, which made this project possible. We invite you to explore the Cambodia Urban Database and join us for a launch event (in Khmer) on 08 June 2021 from 9:00 – 10:00 AM (Cambodia Time) to explore this exciting new resource.


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