AIMF Global Conference 2019 – Urban Resilience

CKS director Natharoun Ngo co-led with APUR (Paris Urbanism Agency) research director and professor at Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris Belleville (ENSAPB) Christiane Blancot an international conference named: “Resilient Cities-Rethinking the challenges of reconstruction” that was hosted in Phnom Penh (PPH) on the 3rd December 2019, in partnership with the AIMF (Association of International Francophone Mayors) and Phnom Penh City Hall. This Conference was the highlight of the AIMF annual congress 2019, marking their 40th year anniversary, as well as Phnom Penh 40th year anniversary (since the Khmer Rouge left the capital in 1979). Both received support from 2 CKS Senior Fellows Alumni, Dr Gabriel Fauveaud, currently Professor at University of Montreal, and Dr Fabienne Luco (EHESS Paris-CASE).

It was a high level conference, opened by current governor of Phnom Penh H.E. Khuong SRENG, and AIMF Secretary General Mr Pierre Baillet, and attended by high level government representatives. About 500 participants joined, including 300 guests from the AIMF coming from 3 continents, and about 200 guests from Cambodia, among them students and faculties from 4 Cambodian Universities. We were also very honored to work with high level Cambodian speakers such as H.E. Thong Khon, H.E. Kep Chuktema, H.E. Mok Mareth, H.E. Mann Choeun, H.E. Ek Son Chann, H.E. Pa Socheatvong and Dr Men Chandevy. And with leaders from the new generation such as Pharat Nuon, Vannak Seng, and Chansan Hun.

The conference purpose was to bring well recognized academic professors and international researchers together with representatives from the public and private sector, so that they can present their research work and concrete experiences related to the concept of urban resilience, as well as specific historical and social context surrounding large scale catastrophe each city had experienced, such as in Phnom Penh-Cambodia, Kigali-Rwanda, or Port au Prince-Haiti.

AIMF Conference Concept Note and Programme

We are working on a conference publication that will be released in Quarter 1, 2020. A link will be posted here soon.


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