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The Launch of the National Museum of Cambodia’s Online Catalogue

Venue: National Museum of Cambodia
Date: 3rd January 2014
Time: 6pm

The Leon Levy Foundation has supported the CKS National Museum Collection Inventory Project since its inception in 2004. This initiative has greatly improved the international exhibition and publications programs, the identification and repatriation of missing works of art, links with re-established provincial collections and the fostering of both established and newly formed conservation workshops in stone, metal and ceramics. The location and condition of thousands of works of art in storage have been digitally catalogued and labeled, which will complement the Collection Database Project to provide an excellent resource for researchers wishing to access the collection

Click here for PDF invitation: Museum Invitation_final[1]


Lecture Series on Special Topics

Special Lecture Program

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Cambodian Independence CKS will host Dr. Henri Locard to give a series of weekly lectures on the historical events and lifestyle changes that led up to this historic moment.

The lectures are scheduled every Thursday at 5.30pm for 6 weeks at the CKS Phnom Penh Office starting on the 21st of November.

Both students and the wider public are encouraged to attend as Dr. Locard gives some practical tools for better reading of historical texts, thinking about historical events in an informed and critical manner as well as understand how they have shaped the country.

This series marks the publication of a special issue of Siksacakr: Journal of Cambodia Research by CKS called Colonial Encounters. This is timely as the publication marks the 60th anniversary of Cambodia’s Independence. It is available to buy from our website or good bookshops in Cambodia. Contact us for further information.

To view the schedule of weekly lectures Click Here


Center for Khmer Studies Lecture Series 

The monthly lectures, that are open to the general public, are an expansion of the successful lecture and seminar series in Phnom Penh. The aim is to bring together Cambodian and international scholars, business people and artists to discuss the latest research and developments in the field of Cambodian and Southeast Asian studies, across all disciplines in the social sciences, arts and humanities. The lectures and seminars will provide excellent opportunities to interact with junior and senior Cambodian scholars and researchers. The intention is to extend participation beyond CKS research Fellows to anyone conducting international standard research in Cambodia, including local and international NGOs who are dealing with related social science, arts and humanities topics, as well as Cambodian universities and CKS alumni. This series of lectures and seminars will be held at both CKS sites, in the capital Phnom Penh and our headquarters in Siem Reap. Previous speakers have included UNTAC Chief Dr. Benny Widyono and Astrology Researcher Professor Matthew Kosuta. For further information…CLICK HERE

Conference, 18-19 December 2012, CKS Headquarters Siem Reap POSTPONED
Cambodian Crossroads: Intersections of Political Economy, Social Justice and Culture. A Quarter Century of Renovation.
This conference aims to bring together scholars working from diverse disciplines to explore Cambodia’s political, eco-environmental, and socio-cultural developments over the past quarter century (1990-2015) in concert with conceptual frameworks within social science paradigms of social justice, environmental and comparative political and cultural studies. Paradigms and issues include: authoritarianism as cloaked in democratic features prevalent in Southeast Asia; devolution of authority to grass roots via decentralization and civic society engagement; eco-environmental coalitions and ad hoc groups dispossessed of ancestral lands used for agro-industry calling for social justice; migration and immigration and economic changes; arts of resistance and renovation in gendered expression of language, arts, theatre and dance.